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Six Best Recycled Products

six best recycled products

An interesting article over at CNN has composed a list of six best recycled products made by different companies. The list features Vinylux Record bowls made by Jeff Davis that are made by a combination of heat and pressure and are priced at $26, Business Card case by Motherboard Gifts that are made from circuitboards that had been designed for computers, televisions, and other electronics, priced at $25, Arbor Loveseat by Vivavi that is woven from seatbelts salvaged from old cars and strapped across a maple frame priced at $900, Pause collapsible seat from designer Michael McGinn that is recycled from cardboard into a stylish folding chair. The chair is 18 inches tall and it folds to less than an inch thick and is priced at $20. The list also includes Vy&Elle Billboard bags which are hitting onto the celebrity swag circuit at recent HBO and Comedy Central events.

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