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Wine Thermometer — For that perfect chill!

Wine and cheese- the perfect luxurious combo. It is said that a wine tastes best when it is in a desired temperature. But you can never be too sure of the temperature. Well, there is nothing much to fret about. The new wine thermometer by Menu is something which would find good usage in every wine lover’s den. It is a detachable thermometer with a belt. You just have to entwine this thermometer around the bottle of wine and voila! In moments, the digital thermometer tells you about the temperature of the wine. This thermometer is breakage and slippage proof, so you do not have to worry about kids finding this gadget as a part of their breakable toys. Designer Jakob Warner has sure done a brilliant job. You can order this online at BODIE and FOU. Well, this wine thermometer is surely an innovative and useful find.


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