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Shoot that buzz!

sega phaser project

Yeah you’d like to smash that alarm clock for good. And then the logic dawns. It was you who set the alarm in the first place, and more importantly, clocks cost money. So there you go nothing to take your frustration out on. Wait a minute though, you could shoot the alarm clock and still go Scot-free. Makezine has a very interesting project that lets you hack a Sega’s Light Phaser to shoot the alarm clock and make it snooze. The wonderful hackers also put in a plaything that has a bunch of shooting noises to make the act more enjoyable. Basically the guts of Sega’s Phaser and the alarm clock are re-circuited to connect them and then as soon as the alarm goes, you just push the trigger to shut it off or snooze it. Quite a novel way to tackle that little annoyance! I can see at least two great uses of this hack. One, there’s a gun at hand when you sleep (what if it’s a toy, it’s the feeling that matters) and two, there’s no blood-shed. Enough talkin’, more hackin’! Make yourself one now. Just follow closely what the intelligent guy says. Video after the jump.


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