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Sensory Lamp – Light up your abode the ecofriendly way

Living an eco-friendly life is the only way to save our planet and there is a flood of green products in the market and the Sensory Lamp from Sara Rossbach is another feather in the same cap. To help you lead a greener/pantheistic life, elegantly designed Sensory Lamp is a nice replacement to old school lamp. Simulating the process of natural light cycle, the lamp changes color and intensity of light throughout the day with sprinkling a sweet fragrance of fresh grass growing on its base. To enhance its proficiency (to strengthen the bond of love between nature and us – I must say), luminous device comes with a mouse pad attachment to drive you closer to the nature. Hence, if you are thinking of tossing your old traditional lamp into the trash-can, then this unique lamp could turn out to be a decent replacement to the previous one.


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