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Recreate explosive magic with Grenade Oil Lamps

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The most expensive chandeliers fail to whip up the magic of candles and lamps. Chuck aside the usual floating and aromatic candles and bring home the Grande Oil Lamps from Piet Houtenbos if you are looking to explode your interiors with unusual ones. Made from actual U.S army surplus grenades, they are available in gilded gold and silver for bling lovers and in natural shade for those who prefer the original. The lamp is filled with oil and burns for twenty four hours. The natural ones cost $55 and the gilded ones are priced at $65. You can also opt for the starter kit containing 4oz oil, funnel and an extra wick for $14.50. Whether you want to burn the midnight oil working or have a romantic evening, the magical charm of these lamps can turn out explosive!

Via: Piethoutenbos

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