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Not all gaming rigs find a place here, but this irresistible gaming chair for kids, featuring SEGA’s, Sonic the Hedgehog, from Ultimate Game Chair and SEGA was something we couldn’t pass around. Dubbed the Reactor Mini Game Chair, it has a full sized blue image of the Hedgehog. It is the first-ever game chair, styled and designed for 3-to-9 year olds. Has to be for this segment certainly isn’t the most prone to gaming. The SEGA’s iconic blue mascot’s image is wrapped around the 25 and ¾-inch in height and 14 ½ inch in width and 13 pounds chair, for a 3D effect. Using the chair, kids will surely have an ultimate gaming experience, with a full-body sensory experience in the vicinity of a gaming chair that’s perfectly sized and tailor-made to enhance the gaming experience in the young. The Reactor Mini Game Chair for the toddlers, priced at $69.99 plus shipping charges, will be made accessible online at Ultimate Game Chair from 21st of the month.

Via: PRWeb

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