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Projection Clock Keyring: The new time-accessory

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It has become more of a routine seeing experiments being done with our modern day gadgets, this clearly depicts how technology has evolved as an integral part of our day to day lives. The only grievance being – “What man has made of man”. From hairbands to bracelet watches, sticking to your iPods for hour and minutes reference or the yesteryear’s pocket watch, everything has been experimented with, but this (Projection Clock Keyring) is something newer and cooler. You can use it to remind people that they have been talking incessantly, you need to catch a movie or your time starts now, this keyring that is sure to keep time on your side! Your presentations can become more interesting or this can simply be a cool gadget to mess around with people in dark hallways! Whatever you need it for, you can make it yours by shelling $12.95. So buy this timepiece cum keyring and have the time of your life!

Via: Nerdapproved

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