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Progress bar clock – Feels like the day is filling up

progress bar clock

Mint clock5: Progress bar clock, is a sideway clock that moves from left to right. As the time progresses, it feels like the day is filling up. The clock is driven by two driveshafts (at both ends) which are connected to a motor. These driveshafts drive the timing belt filling up the blue color film as the time progresses.

progress bar clock 1

progress bar clock 2

The progress bar clock, unlike conventional alarm clocks, has a maximum of 24 alarm settings. It is called “one day scheduler.” Place a tag or two on the progress bar clock and when the blue color film hits the tag, the alarm will sound. Turn the tag 90 degrees and the alarm goes off. You can even write on the tags, so that you know what the alarm was for.

progress bar clock 3

progress bar clock 4

progress bar clock 5

You can keep it on the desk, or even hang it on the wall. To set the time, use a coin to turn the dial at the bottom of the clock.

Via: MintPass

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