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Party on with the Helter Skelter Drinks Chiller

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You know, all these years I was under the impression that booze could never be made more fun than it already is. Apparently I was wrong. It CAN be made way more fun and way better tasting with the help of a few handy gizmos like this new Helter Skelter Drinks Chiller. This drinks chiller allows you to instantly cool up your cocktails and that too without worrying about the ice diluting the flavor of the beverage. Just pop the chiller in your freezer before the party and when it’s nice and cold set it at the end of your mobile bar and watch all your guests queuing up to fetch their own drinks! Although you’re supposed to pour a glass of drinks on top and wait for it to chill and spiral down into a glass, it wouldn’t entirely hurt you to have the freezing drinks pour out directly into your friends’ mouths and watch them wriggle on the floor like worms when they get brain freeze! For just £19.99, could a party BE more fun?

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