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Oxygen-generating backpack can be a hiker’s best friend

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Japanese adventure supply company Ymup have come up with a clever little invention that claims to lighten mountaineers’ load by a hell lot. Touted as an alternative to bottled oxygen supplements, the company’s battery-powered oxygen generator makes good old O2 at 30 percent concentration and is meant to be inhaled via nozzle. Measuring about 6 inches by 9 inches by 2.5 inches, the pack weighs about 2.86 pounds, including batteries and can function in temperatures ranging from 41 degrees Fahrenheit to 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The firm claims that the battery lasts up to two hours, which makes us wonder if it can be used on a serious hike. Available in red, blue, and gray, the backpack will be officially launched on July 31, with prices ranging from $880 to $1,150.

Source: CNet

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