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One size fits all wrist watch

concept wrist watch

Product: Jolly roger (wrist watch)

Designer: Mladen Vracevic

About: A few concepts (prototype) make real, while a few don’t. Of course, there are limitations involved, but the ones who do (overshadow these limitations) are the ones who come out great. I personally like the concept of this wrist watch, i.e. ‘one size fits all’. Made from silicon rubber and steel, it allows its user to adjust the length accordingly. How? Simple; just separate the mechanical part, place the silicon rubber into boiling water, take it out after a few seconds and just adjust the length by your own wrist.

Why is it here: I’m uncertain about this concept coming out real, but the idea of a wrist watch with length adjustment criterion is quite alluring in itself. Moreover, there are other cool factors to reckon with, other than just the concept.

Via: DesignSpotter

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