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Move over plug 'n' play, now it is crank 'n' play time


Stuck in the Sahara desert or even a remote island in the Pacific ocean with nothing but your MP3 player, you can still have MP3 music for company. Now, don’t ask why you got stuck there in the first place. Some things are way too figurative to actually explain. Fine, now coming to this nice, little DAP MP3 player from Thanko, it actually works on good old muscle power and this we think can explain our previous ramble about the desert and island. One minute of cranking gives you about ten minutes of music. You can also recharge the DAP with the AC adapter and your PC’s USB port. The DAP plays both WMA and mp3 files and has 1 gb of flash memory. A nifty little touch in the DAP is a small torch light which will help you find your keys when you drop them under the bed. So, power or no power, this baby can play music till you crank it up with your muscle power. And for music in the Sahara desert, i mean the DAP, you need to shell out 40 euros.

Source: AkihabaraNews

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