Mini Travel Towel – A must have for folks on the go

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However planned you are, there are times when you just forget to include some of the most basic essentials of traveling. And don’t curse yourself for it as to err is human! But then you need to have certain things in your pocket to save you from such blunders. Like this strip of Mini Travel Towels! Even space and weight are major concerns when traveling. The smaller and lighter, the better! So these mini towels packed like pills in a strip is a key to this travel dilemma too. A must have accessory for your backpack, these mini travel towels have been mechanically compressed so when stored they are only a small disc. Simply pop one out, soak with a little water and the pill instantly transforms into a sturdy 11″ x 9” textured towel.

For just $8, it is a savior in disguise if you are hitting off to a beach or water park, or just camping by the river side. Just a word of caution – please don’t mistake it as a medicinal pill and KEEP AWAY FROM CHILDREN.

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