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Removing Manhole covers is easier & safer like never before!

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Sometimes it takes a lot to find a solution to a simple problem and at other times, solutions are even simpler than the problem. That’s why I always say “never underestimate the power of simplicity.” Something that proves my words goes by the name of ‘Manhole Lifter System.’ This smart tool by MagSwitch makes lifting manhole covers a walk in the park. System utilizes the power of magnet to help lift heavy Manhole covers up to 400 lbs.

Isn’t that like a simplest solution any one ever thought about? Astonishing fact is that the magnet is quite light weight at 18 lbs and total system weighs 23 lbs and can be folded into a 44” package. Using it is even simpler, just set the whole thing up (takes less than a minute) place the magnet over the cover, turn it on and remove the cover using the lifting handle. Manufacturer says that its price is very affordable when compared to the risk of removing covers without it. As of now they haven’t listed its price, if you are willing to buy one then you must contact the manufacturer yourself.

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