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Livescribe Pulse: A smartpen for writers

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Livescribe has come out with a smart gadget called Pulse that is a pen that converts your writing into searchable computer files. It is like adding audio recording synchronized to your handwriting. It works by reading a pattern of tiny dots on special paper. The earbuds, which have not only speakers but also microphones capture three-dimensional and records background sounds loud and converts them to files. Since every spot on every page of every pad is numbered, you can write in any order, and the pen can match it to the correct snippet of audio.

That means, if you are at a meeting and someone is talking, you can record their voice and at the same time take down important notes that you want to remember and link them up, and if you are in a loud area with a lot of people around, the pen’s noise-canceling mic works well. The Pulse stores at least 100 hours of audio. With three-dimensional audio and getting your notes in a minute after recording what else can you ask for? The Pulse is a good product to have if you are a journalist or someone who loves taking notes. Just point the Pulse and your handwritten notes became clickable links to the recording.

Backed by a strong hardware configuration and some cool features, the Pulse is indeed the smartpen for the tech generation.

Source: Popsci

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