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Listen and be a multilingual with the Novel Reader Conversational

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Knowing multiple languages is a boon to boost your career. You must have known about foreign language classes and all those “learn Spanish in 15 days” kits. Trust me, nothing works. I have spent weeks with a English-German dictionary trying to learn the language! But you know what the best way to learn a new language is? It is to speak it and hear it. Simply put, start conversing in it and you will learn it. Being from a country which has so many languages! I know how difficult it is to cope up. But being in Bangalore for a year, I learnt Kannada quite well coming from the eastern part of the country. I simply learnt it by hearing. It is exactly on this basis that the Novel Reader Conversational is built.

The Pimsleur is the leading language training company in the US. The Novel Reader Conversational is a combination of their time tested course and high technology audio device. Just plug in the system and listen it to as much as you can.

You can choose from the leading languages in the world- Spanish, Italian, French and German. You can choose from 15min programs, 30min program and a 45min program. And all this comes in a single memory card. Specially built for the US, the Novel Reader comes with earphones and AAA batteries. Choose the level of your program and head on to learn new languages.

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