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Here’s something you’ll want to put in your room soon as you’re out of rehab. Though the ‘beer mug lamp’ is something that the last few creative cells of the alcoholic mind has surely devised before, it looks like all the free time between drinks has propagated the new idea of a ‘pouring beer lamp’. So, not only will it make Edison proud by illuminating your room, it’ll also make your malt drinking peer look at you in new light. Of course, it’s a pity that the ‘pouring beer’ is merely an optical illusion, but how long would the idea last if it were not. To quell such disappointment, the makers of this product insist that the Pouring Beer Mug Lamp can be used to “regulate the moisture of the room.” Perhaps this is a selling point for the hydrophobic; for the rest, just spending hours of staring at a never ending flow of ale must be incentive enough.

Price: 19.89

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