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Let 'Jack' take care of your earphones

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We’ve all been there. You’re on the way to work when a song pops into your head and you just have to listen to it. Excitedly you rummage in your bag and grab the MP3 device. You find the track in question and set it to play, but where are the earphones? Finally, you find them, tangled up with your keys, your lunch and everything else. Five minutes of detangling later, the train has pulled into your destination and the moment has passed. But such nightmare scenarios will be a thing of the past courtey Earbud Jack!

Earbud Jack is the little guy who promises to make these all-too-common occurrences a thing of the past. Design simplicity at its best, simply wrap your earphone cord around Jack’s purpose-shaped body; under his feet, around his head, pop the earbuds over his shoulders and he’ll take care of your phones until the next time you need them. Take him everywhere with you, to the gym, on the plane, to the shops, and you’ll have no more tangles, and no more ruining your earphones as you try and yank them free from the depths of your handbag.

Jack doesn’t only care about your earphones though, he also does his bit for charity; available from Amazon, 5% of the proceeds from the sales even go to hearing health organizations.

Via: Techchee.com

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