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KBSound Select sets the ambiance for your bubble bath

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If you are missing out on your favorite tracks while you do the business in your bathroom then I’ve just the thing that’ll set your heart on fire. KBSound Select is a luxury bathroom radio all replete with discrete white speakers; lucky for you since these would blend perfectly with that white décor. And just as well, since you would not want an eyesore after going to great lengths in picking up those tiles and stuff. This radio is all about grace and class and looks as unobtrusive as possible. KBSound Select package comes with: 2 white speakers (95 mm approx), sole power supply box with Tuner and Amplifier, remote control with an LCD display, Speaker Cable, and Antennae. All this would set your bank balance back by £180 only. Trust me this is not too much to pay for relaxing ambiance just as you sit back for a bubble bath with your favorite rubber duckey.

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