iRon – Steam Iron With iPod

iron steam iron with ipod

By now, you have seen a plenty of crazy iPod accessories, but the craziest of them all is surely going to be the iRon from Gear4. This crazy combination of iPod dock and steam-iron reminds you again that the world is still mad about the biggest invention of the year 2005, iPod! The iRon features SteamTempo technology, 6W stereo speakers and a software plug-in which allows the iPod’s screen to display the water level. Another interesting feature is that the steam jets are controlled by the tunes playing in the iPod. iRon sells for $180 and it includes stylish travel case and is compatible with all iPods excluding iPod Shuffle. So, did you ever thought ironing can be fun too!!

Cool Factor: Another iPod dock
UnCool Factor: Crazy

via NewLaunches

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