Typically, the term “weight management” means activities directed toward the reduction of weight. However, managing weight can have the opposite meaning as well. As people differ in their desires and preferences, some of us wish to gain weight rather than losing extra pounds. That is why the things that cause discomfort to someone may be a desired goal of the other person.


The lyrical digression is over and now it is time to focus on the subject of the present article. As a rule, the people associate the notion of protein drink with weight loss. However, such shakes have a dual application. Reducing weight through this supplement is possible when a user takes a diet to limit the daily calorie intake. The opposite goal of increasing mass does not require this limitation, which further results in the change of effect caused by the protein. The very ingredient is essential for people aiming to build muscles and gain weight.

To be clear, when we say “gain weight” within this article, we mean the development and growth of muscle bulk instead of adding extra pounds in the form of fat. The latter option is not difficult to achieve while the first one does require many efforts.

In fact, choosing the best product among the existing ones is probably an unenforceable task. There are dozens of brands available and each of them has its benefits. However, we decided to narrow our search to one supplement having great user’s feedbacks and offer a homemade alternative to the chosen solution. Let’s see what we have got.

Prefabricated Shake

Prefabricated Shake

It is not a secret that most of the users prefer to buy supplements online. We decided to stick to go through a popular marketplace on the web. It refers to Amazon. Having applied some filters to the search, we obtained the winner for our goal. Meet Syntha-6. The users admit a high efficiency and sustainable weight gain after the use of this product made by BSN.

If we talk numerically, the shake offers 22g of a good protein. One serving, which equals to one scoop, supplies 200 calories. These are the fundamental figures for weight gain seekers. In addition to key parameters, the shake flaunts other accomplishments including nine flavors, different size of packages, affordable price and a high user rating.

We do not know whether this shake can be called the best one but it does deserve to be on top.

Homemade Protein Drink

Homemade Protein Drink

While preparing homemade protein drink, main elements to be considered are the protein and carbs. While the value of the first one should be around 25g, the carbs are better to level on 10-15g. The number of ingredients should complement desired energy value. Keep in mind that the energy value should not be more than 250 calories. Otherwise, you may find some extra fat on your belly or hips.

You should not be afraid of any additives since the majority of products are the pure protein without anything else. The liquid medium for your shake could be water, milk, juice, and even diet soda.

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