Incredible space discoveries that changed the way we see space

With the never ending hunger of discoveries in the space. Humans have discovered so many things in the outer space. With every passing year there are many things that scientists have discovered in the universe. And every time there is a new and amazing discovery that makes us think if they really do exist or not.

Some incredible discoveries that scientists have found in the outer space are as follows

Hand of God

cometary globule CG4

Image Source : Apod.Nasa.Gov

Recently, this cometary globule CG4 was found in the outer space that is 1300 light years away from the Earth. With a head and a tail, it shines brightly like a diamond and astronomers are calling it the Hand of God. Some others scientist believe that it looks like the gaping mouth of celestial creature. With big head that is around 1.5 light years in diameter and tail is eight light years long.CG4 has such a big tail and head that it dwarfs the entire solar system. Having such amazing shape and size, it is still a mystery why CG4 is so giant and has that shape.

Oldest star

13 billion years STAR

Image Source :  Blastr

Along with many other discoveries, scientists have managed to find oldest star in the space. With its chemical composition, scientists have discovered that this star is very old, 13 billion years old or may be even older. Perhaps it was formed shortly after Big Bang that was discovered 13.8 billion years ago. Scientists were not very sure how old it was, so they continued the research. After deep research, they come to know that Old star was formed 14.3 billion years before. But scientists are still not sure about 14.3 Billion years, so it has to be kept 13.8 billion years.

Lighting in the space

lighting that struck Earth

Image Source : Independent.Co.Uk

On the International Space Station at 28800 km/h above Earth, an astronaut clicked pictures of lighting that struck Earth. But it was not a normal lighting, it was from the space. It is a beautiful light that is the blue cloudy thing around it making it more stunning. With some quite dark shade, the pictures clicked were not so good, but researchers are still keeping an eye on this discovery for more information.

Dark matter

Dark matter

Image Source : Bbc.Co.Uk

Dark matter exists to explain gravitational effects within galaxies. While astronomers were measuring mass of galaxies and orbital speed of stars within a galaxy, thye noticed discrepancies between expected results and the actual result. Then this new matter was discovered known as dark matter.


Scientists around the world are so busy doing research on outer space, that they discover one or the other thing in the universe everytime. With their researches, we all know about the things going on in space.

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