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Important Ways to know the safety of the neighborhood

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Ways to know the safety of the neighborhood

It is a factor that should be taken into account as you are buying a house. Safety and security in the area matter a lot. No one wants to buy a house only to stay indoors afraid of thieves or other criminals. The neighborhood‘s safety cannot be detected by just looking at the area, and there are various ways you can get to know whether your community is safe.

There are no completely secure neighborhoods, but some are safer. If you want to detect the safety of the area you can look at the following indicators:

1. Crime Statistics

Crime sceneThe crime statistics are the best sources of information. The neighborhood with less rate of crime is safer and vice versa. There are different sources of information in which you can acquire the crime statistics. You can obtain the statistics from the internet or in the local police station.

You can look at different neighborhoods of the houses in Movoto and gauge the neighborhood’s crime statistics and go for the home with a lower crime rate. The people living in the area can also give you information about the crime rate in the area.

2. Police presence

Police presence does not necessarily mean that the neighborhood is safe. For there to be safety in the community, there must be police, but if there is a high presence of police, it means that the rate of crime is high.

The police tend to use more resources in the areas that they are needed most. If you notice that the police continue making numerous patrols in the neighborhood, then know that the community is not safe.

3. Types of properties

crime rate is higher in Rental PropertiesStatistics show that in places with lots of rented properties, the crime rate is higher. Before you buy a house, survey the area, and see the types of properties in the neighborhood. The places with many owners tend to have higher security levels.

It is essential not to conclude that every area with rented properties is not secure but also looks at various other factors to understand the neighborhood’s safety better.

4. Community events

The more the community events such as parties or barbecues, the less the likelihood of crime. The community events mean that the neighbors live as a community as they get to know each other.

The neighborhood with such events will help you know people quickly; hence you will feel more secure as you get someone you know and can rely on in case anything occurs. The community events help you understand what activities your neighbors engage in and, hence, can ask for their services once in a while.

5. Abandoned houses

Property-ValueAbandoned houses are never a good sign in the neighborhood. The houses may be abandoned due to a decrease in property value, risk in public health, an increase in crime rates, among many other negative factors that may affect the area.

It is a bad idea to settle in such areas, and you should avoid them. You should take a walk in the area or drive around and see whether the houses are abandoned. Look for areas where people have comfortably lived for years and have not found any reason to leave the neighborhood.

6. Nature of business

Crime affects the businesses significantly, and the effect of crime is first seen in the business sector. Look at the neighborhood and see if there are many thriving businesses in the area. The flourishing business indicates that there are not affected by crime, meaning the community is secure.

If there are many grocery stores, coffee shops, and also restaurants, then the area is safe. Thriving business means that people in the neighborhood are financially stable; hence, their likelihood of engaging in crime is minimal.

7. Kids playing outside

Kids-playing-outsideThe presence of kids playing outside of their homes is an indicator of neighborhood safety. The parents are less restrictive in a safe neighborhood, and kids are allowed to play away from their homes.

In the neighborhoods that are not safe, the kids are confined at home, and they can only play indoors. If you visit an area and encounter many kids on the roads, then know that the neighborhood is safe, and your kids will also enjoy playing outside the house.

8. Neighborhood watch

The neighborhood watch is one of the most effective ways of reducing crime in the neighborhood. It indicates that the crime rate in the area is less and is likely to decrease. A neighborhood watch is a group of people dedicated to reporting any suspicious activities to the police, and it is advisable to seek a neighborhood with such a group.

Bottom Line

It is vital to get a house with a safe neighborhood before buying a home, especially if you want to settle in the community for a long time. You must carry extensive research of the area and get to know the neighborhood crime rate. Safety should be a top priority when you are looking for a home.

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