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Commit Suicide in Rust: Why and How to Kill Your Character

by Dr Prem Community Writer
Commit Suicide in Rust

So you’ve got Rust and you can’t wait to fight and hunt. For a start, it is advisable to gather a company (3-5 people is the most optimal). You can, of course, survive alone. It all depends on you. But do not forget that Rust is an online game, here you cannot handle six people alone (unless you are really incredibly cool). And it’s more fun to survive in the company.

Play Alone

If you play alone, it doesn’t matter. It is better to play alone on servers with installed modifications for accelerated resource extraction and instant creation of things.

The first step is to chop wood and stone and make a pickaxe and an ax. Build a small house with a sleeping bag, tool cabinet, storage boxes, and preferably a fire and stove. If there are special kits on the server, do not hesitate to use them. The / kit command is usually used to get these very kits. It is better to build further away from Rad Town so that radiation does not harm you. Nevertheless, sometimes you can find useful items in Rad Town, so you should look there from time to time, having equipped yourself with the necessary equipment in advance.

Reasons to Die

playing RustBut if you’ve been playing Rust for a long time alone, sooner or later you will get bored with the repetitive actions of the character. Collecting resources, building houses, etc. And you will obviously start looking for adventure on your character and walk where you don’t need to. Several times in caves we fell into some kind of pits, in abandoned factories we realized that we were surrounded by radiation, or we were simply cornered by a bear (ferocious animals in this game). At such moments, thoughts of suicide creep into our head.

If you have few resources with you and nothing valuable, there is no point in looking for a way out or running to the shelter for 15 minutes. You can just instantly kill your character and respawn in your comfy bed or sleeping bag. These are the places for your resurrection after death.

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You should have several of these things in every hideout. It is also a kind of teleport. If you urgently need to get to the other end of the map, and you have already been there, you can leave your sleeping bag there and hope that no one has stolen or destroyed it. Then, having laid out all the things from yourself, you can die in the same way and be reborn there, without wasting time to get there on foot.

How to Die in Rust

So how do you kill yourself in Rust? It’s easier than ever, in addition to the obvious things like surrendering to the mercy of a bear or other hostile players, and of course, falling off a cliff or dying of hunger/thirst, and finally drowning. There is a much more humane way using the console.

Rust’s console is opened by default with the F1 key. Next, we write a simple “kill” command and that’s it, your character will die a natural (almost) death.

As you can see, there are many reasons for suicide in the game; many experienced players even make this function an advantage. But remember, all your items disappear on death, so do not accidentally lose something important when you write the KILL command again.

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