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How to make mundane seashells glow

electronics in limpet shells

Artist: Hannah Perner-Wilson

My take: Like Hannah, if you too have a knack for seashells, and want to do something more than just accumulate them in your parent’s garden, then follow these steps and make them glow. All you’ll need is a small push button, battery holder, and LED/vibrating motor.

Loophole: Agreed, they look reasonably good, beyond the orthodox, but the effect should last long.

Her words and the video follows after the jump.

Her words: I’ve always liked collecting seashells, and have always wanted to do something more with them than accumulate them in my parent’s garden. So now I want to see how far I can go to integrate small electronic circuits inside them. Limpits are nice to work with because they are totally open on one side and the bigger ones even offer some depth.

The limpit buttons are very simple, they use a push-button to trigger LED light or a vibration motor. I decided to use a push-button rather than a switch so that they are only active when touched/pushed.

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