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How to Make a Great First Impression In Any Scenario

by Dr Prem Community Writer

The value of a first impression simply can’t be overstated. Whether you’re at a job interview or on a date, how you present yourself to the world at large has a big impact on how others perceive you. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to make a good first impression time and again. After all, no two people are alike, and what resonates with someone might not register at all with another. While you can’t control how others think and act, you can control your own temperament and behavior, which will give you a great chance of hitting it off with just about anyone. Check out our top tips for doing just that here:

Dress the Part

Dress the Part

“Dress appropriately,” is a bit of advice that sounds easy to follow in theory, but is actually difficult to carry out in practice. Indeed, appropriate dress for a fancy ball is quite different from appropriate dress for a meeting in a local tavern. When it doubt, it’s usually not a bad idea to overdress –– but only do so slightly. Wearing too formal attire could send the wrong message to those around you.

Ask Follow Up Questions

People are desperate to be heard; everyone has a story they want to tell. So if you’re speaking to a new person for the first time –– whether they’re a sales prospect, a coworker, or a stranger on the bus –– take the opportunity to ask follow-up questions during your conversation. Doing so will give them the chance to open up, provide you with essential information about them in the process, and may even help you change your life for the better.

Make Eye Contact

Make Eye ContactSome people have a difficult time making and maintaining eye contact. And that’s understandable to a degree. Making eye contact establishes an intimate connection –– one that not everyone is immediately comfortable with. However, there are few better ways to establish your interest in what a person has to say than by looking them straight in the eye.

Be Yourself

Cliched, isn’t it? Yet, the reality is that the best way to make others feel at ease around you is to first feel at ease with yourself. You can’t fake self-confidence and lying about yourself will only lead you to trouble down the line. Plus, people don’t care for braggarts as a general rule. Don’t be afraid to let your personality show. Sure, this might rub some people the wrong way, but it will endear you to a great many more.


Whether you’re trying to sell a product like an RMS point of sale system to a new client, or you’re looking to impress your new boss, keeping the above tips in mind will help you connect with people quickly. Of course, a lot can change after you make a first impression. So don’t get too worried (or excited) by your first interaction with someone new.  

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