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How about turning your iPhone into a desktop?

stand 1
Now, we all know that the cool iPhone has got some real processing power. So why not use it like a full-fledged desktop to do a few things like checking your email and browsing the internet. For this, this concept uses a very innovative iPhone stand. It is in this very iphone stand where all the action is. Taking inspiration from Microsoft’s Play Anywhere technology, the stand features a projector which will project the iPhone’s digital qwerty keyboard onto your table, or any flat surface for that matter.
stand 2
The stand’s base will also have motion sensor to detect the movements of your fingers and act as the corresponding input to the iPhone. Though this very cutting edge, uber cool device is still in the conceptual stage, we really hope that this very cool concept makes it to production reality soon, for it could really revolutionize the way mobile devices are used.

Via: petitinvention.wordpress

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