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Hama Wireless Guitar Controller for PS2

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Here’s your chance to hoard another one of those totally useless wireless guitar controllers that make your finger cramp up in places you didn’t even know existed. Introducing the Hama Wireless Guitar Controller with 2.4 GHz analog radio for your Playstation 2 favs like Guitar Hero II & III. With an automatic channel balance scanning and a receiver for flawless reception within a 50 meter range, the 5-button controller also features an interactive Strum Bar that is completely worth bunking office for the third day straight. The Hama special also features a tremolo hook to deliver the clearest sound while the controller’s special sensors let you know whether your guitar is properly tuned or not. A customizable belt and a handy stand ensure your beloved controller receives all the TLC that it deserves so that you can drive your neighbors crazy by testing the Hama’s battery effectiveness for 100 hours straight. Let the pros show you how to kick up a real storm with a real fake guitar. Watch the video below and learn.

Source: Preisbock

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