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‘Strada Pocket’ GPS navigation system from Panasonic, gearing for a launch

panasonic cn mp50d
If you have ever used a Panasonic electronic device, then most probably you would fall in love with this one as well. The Japanese market will see the launch of a new GPS navigation system from Panasonic, called as CN-MP50D, or in simpler terms one of the devices from the Strada Pocket series. Scheduled for a release on 12th February, this one is a real stunner. How much more can a GPS navigation system provide you, if you are ready for an answer then just give it a second thought. This cool device has a 1.5-Watt speakers for music lovers and also plays TV for you, thanks to its mobile terrestrial digital audio/video broadcasting. So that you don’t miss your favorite programs! It is also loaded with an SD memory card slot and its great LED backlight LCD display promises watching TV is fun. It runs on battery and provides you life for about 4 hours of power with GPS navigation and 2 hours with the 1seg service.

Priced at around $660 in retail, the Strada Pocket will be your companion in your journeys and even when you are stuck in traffic! Check out if it will be launched in other countries as well. All said and done, even with its high price, it sounds like quite an efficient device.

Source: Gadgetspy

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