GMEA phone — No virtual games allowed here!

gmea game phone
‘Enough is enough! You just can’t go on playing with the emotions of innocent people under the pretext of giving them a fair chance to play.’ Oh well, these are not my words, but an honest interpretation of the mental state of the person who has just come out with a pretty straight and original concept of a game-phone. Forget Java and Symbian, or for that matter even Nintento can take a back seat, the GMEA phone concept is inspired by the good old ‘Fifteen Puzzle’- the highly-addictive game where one needs to rearrange the order of numbers 1 to 15 on the 16-squared field. One can use the interactive buttons of the GMEA phone in the same way to play endless hours of this vintage game. So, anybody game for this real-gaming concept?

Via: PlusMinus

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