Fun facts and trivia about Valentine’s Day

For people in love, they really like to express it to their partners. Moreover, when talking about love, no one can forget about day of love, Valentine’s Day. Wondering about the day of love, millions of red hearts start bouncing in our minds. And all of a sudden all the love related things start flashing our memories.

Almost everyone celebrates this day, so it is essential to know everything about the things you do. Being aware of the history of Valentine’s Day is not enough, knowing more about the day is essential. With following fun facts about Valentine’s Day, you can get to know better about the day.

Love flowers: Roses

giving  roses to someone

Ever wondered why everyone chose red roses to give to their beloved ones on the Valentine’s Day. It is not just a trend but there is a fact to justify for what everyone follows. A red rose was the favorite flower of Goddess of Love, Venus. Moreover, the bud of the flower represents the strong love and romantic feelings. Being a favorite flower of the Love Goddess, no surprise on why people have associated it with the day of love.

Chocolate box

gift Chocolates 1

Nothing can be as tempting as a box full of chocolates. The mouth-watering chocolates suits all the occasions, especially Valentine’s Day. While gifting chocolate box, nobody ever bothers to think that where these chocolates boxes came from. Actually, a man named Richard Cadbury, started making these chocolates boxes and first made in late 1800s. Moreover, chocolate “Bourneville” also has its name from the place at which his factory of chocolates was located.

Women buy more gifts

gift of her

It seems that women are fonder of spending money in their beloved on the Valentine’s Day. The fact shows that women buy almost 85 percent of the Valentine gifts. On the other hand, men love to buy more of flowers and bouquets for their lover. Almost 73 percent of the men buy flowers and only 27 percent of women like to gift flowers to their lovers. It is all about choices in the end.

Wedding proposals

propose on Valentine’s Day (1)

Valentine’s day being the day of the love, many people choose it a day to express their love to their loved ones. On an average 2, 20,000 people propose their lovers on this day every year. Perhaps all the loving and dreamy things happen on this day.


Because we celebrate Valentine’s Day, it is important to know the history and all the fun facts about it. Becoming aware about the things that we do, it adds more fun to the life and enjoyable.

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