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Fake weapons speak of a dangerous Russian obsession

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If you take a closer look at these cannons, propellers, barricades, missiles or launch-pads you’ll find they’re just original size inflated replicas of Russian weapon arsenal. As the original title suggests, few pieces could be available to private consumers but it seems to be more like some military-specific purpose when they have erected an entire fake base! Ideal to be erected in play parks or private properties, these inflated weapons are bound to cause shocking amusement of the onlookers; may be even pilots and satellites sometimes. Well, before installing just pray to God that an enemy aerial missile doesn’t target your home just for the sake of these replicas! They are made up of elastic polythene material of which air balloons are made and certainly won’t cost less.
rtruck3 SavZy 7878
rtruck4 waunk 7878
rbase2 C1YAL 7878

Source: englishrussia

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