Human Antenna – An addictive carpet radio

Radio as a source of entertainment is a thing of the past; not completely worn and out though. Prolonging its existence are innovators like Florian Kräutli, who believe that adding flavor can help revitalize the taste. The Swiss designer has come…

Kid robots pulling rickshaw for entertainment

Remember I posted about a Chinese farmer and his family of 26 robots, one being a rickshaw puller? Well, this time it’s the SM City Marikina mall in the Philippines, where kid robots are being used to pull real children on a rickshaw for…

TOOB Omnidome screen, new way up in home entertainment

People who stay glued to their screens for entertainment have a reason to rejoice, because they can now experience an omni dome theater like experience sitting back home. The TOOB, created by Alexander McDonnell, is a half-dome movie screen powered…

Watch out for the working Darth Vader robotic arm

Toy manufacturers are making constant efforts to benefit from the legacy of Star Wars. The legacy is such that not even a single Star Wars-themed product has gone unnoticed. And don’t be surprised if this Star Wars Darth Vader robotic arm is yet…

Remi Gaillard’s insane soccer skills

Remi Gaillard, a renowned French prankster, showcases his crazy skills with a soccer ball. It’s one hell of a video a soccer fan wouldn’t wanna miss – entertainment personified!

Banksy paints himself on South London office building

Much touted graffiti artist Banksy has apparently painted his portrait on the side of an office building in Shoreditch, East London. This piece carries his obsessional rat wearing necklace graffiti that holds a placard showing his face. No one is…

Football tape – Construct footballs, anywhere!

Cool factor: Soccer tape

My take: Soccer fever is always on a high! The most popular game in the entire world provides entertainment of the highest order. Taking soccer to a different level is a football tape, when wrapped; it gives an impression..

Dominoes everywhere by Jared Lyon

Cool factor: Don’t miss this – a video full of dominoes by Jared Lyon.

Imagine RIT: Innovation and Creativity Festival is a campus-wide event that showcases the innovative and creative spirit of RIT students, faculty and the staff. Visitors…

Insane skills: Size no bar!

Punch: Insane skills with a 15 ton front loader

Category: Video

My take: Bikers showcasing their skills, from wheelie to what not, has kinda become a common sight (somewhat boring), but have you ever seen stunts being performed with a 15…

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