Electronic Paper Umbrella

electronic paper umbrella

Want to change the themes of your umbrella just like you do on your cell-phones or desktop, then get yourself this innovative Electronic paper Umbrella designed by Hsiao Yong-li. The designer has applied electronic paper on the surface of the MY-DAY umbrella. The storage and computer-chip are putted in the stem, data and electric force flow through umbrella frame. The replaceable storage allows you to change the ambiance of your umbrella at the touch of a button. You can view the various themes by moving the knob and the sound adds more to the special effect. So, if you have selected the forest ambiance then you can hear the birds chirping to feel like you are actually in the forest. You can now refresh yourself by selecting the sunny-theme ambiance on a rainy day, or even on a hot afternoon. YankoDesign reports that, lot of service points will be available for My-Day in the future which will enable you to download and select your personal themes or even create personal theme for your self.

Cool Factor: Changing Themes & Sound Effect

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