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Disposable Any Brush keeps the dentist away

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In the two decades of my stay on planet earth, I haven’t yet come across a person who goes to the dentist with even a small degree of elation. And since almost every trip to the dental hygienist results in a stern “brush more often” advice, I thought I’d go out and find something to help me keep my teeth from falling off at 40 without the embarrassment of being seen with my toothbrush in public. So here it is, the revolutionary Any Brush. Created by designer Yuanyan Li, the brush gives you the comfort of portable brushing with a convenient disposable package for brushing on the go. All you gotta do is to simply slip one of the disposable brushes on your finger, squeeze some toothpaste out of the container on the other side and do your thing anytime, anywhere. Convenient isn’t it?

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