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Creepy USB Brain Massager

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I don’t know where you stand on this issue, but I really don’t like anything electrical or mechanical messing with my head (curling irons, hair dryers, and CAT scans not included). So you would understand why I’m more than skeptical about this USB-powered Brain Massager. The thing basically creeps the big Jesus out of me with its octopus legs that claim to be able to detect areas of stress with their tentacles and then determine which part of your brain needs to be treated most via a vibrating message. The original website for this product was in Japanese and a Google translation only confused me more, but I think the thing can also be used to message other parts of the body like neck and shoulders, though again I’m a little wary of having an electric octopus vibrate near my spine. The Brain Massager can be powered by the USB port of your PC or two AA batteries so either way it’s not very nature-friendly as compared to having another human being do the same thing for you. P.S. the website claims that the massager is not a medical product and since I couldn’t find any medical or other certification saying the thing won’t go out of control and poke you with its electrical tentacles all over, I’ll advice to be a little cautious if you do indeed decide to buy it.

Price: 2,480 yen
Source: Tokyo Mango

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