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Creating harmony with the Rain Maker

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It was a summer afternoon and the crystals of water were falling from the sky. The cool waft blew over my face and the noise of the rain drifted me to complete harmony and then, I opened my eyes, only to find that I was sitting in my living room and the Rain Maker playing beside me. For a moment I had completely glided into the tropical rain forest, peace and tranquility won my heart over. A nature lover that I am, I simply fell in love with the device. The Rain Maker creates the sound of rain falling just like it was raining in your courtyard. It works on a simple technique of a long cylindrical tube where hundreds of metal balls are made to fall down creating the symphony of rain fall in the tropical forest. Measuring W 78cm x H 38cm x D 15.5cm, the Rain Maker comes in an attractive open gift box and is ideal for theater groups who need to create different sound on stage. A lovely musical instrument for any nature lover like me.

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Price: £8.95

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