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The coolest fashion choices for your front door

You stick your keys in the front door only to see it fall off its hinges and collapse into the hall.

This is a good sign that the entrance to your home needs a spruce-up.

Like everywhere in your house, having an entrance without a sense of style is like Ant without Dec, fish without chips or Mr Muscle without cleaning products – while they still exist on their own, they’re little more than shells of their former selves.

Even on a tight budget, sprucing up your entrance can still be a cinch.

Here are a few of your options.

Make a mat count

The mat is the focal point for any front entrance, and it could say a lot about the house you’re visiting. Does it say “Welcome” or “Bugger off”, for example? The latter may indicate you’re not welcome.

But the mat has a more vital function – it stops people trailing their mucky feet across your carpet. Dirt Trapper mats are ideal for that muck-raking functionality. Your guests won’t have a drop of mud on them, so you can tell fewer people to bugger off.

A lick of paint’ll do the trick

If your door is covered in chip marks and water damage, you don’t have to shell out for an entirely new one. A simple lick of paint on your door can give it a brand new lease life.

A few pointers:

  • Use waterproof paint to give your coating greater longevity.
  • Remember to paint your door inside. You don’t want rain to ruin it.
  • Find a colour that’s both welcoming and soothing. No one wants to face a garish nightmare after a day at work.

Voila, you’ve got a door to be proud of – and you’ve barely spent a penny.


Plant life!

Have you ever imagined your home is a luxury cottage replete with winding pathway up to you front door and more flowers than a botanical garden?

There’s nothing stopping that dream from coming true, even on a small scale. Invest in a few hanging plants for your door frame to make your entrance that little bit more palatable.

More than this, think about planting a few bulbs for roses. This’ll take a while, bulbs take more than a season to fully grow, but the results will be exactly what you hope – a secret garden you can truly appreciate.



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