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Sega’s latest iFish

Fish that can survive without water and can sing for you! Sega’s new iFish, music player has been released in Japan. As the name suggests it has a shape of a fish and more than a music player it looks like a plaything. It has a moveable tail and its two..

Sleek and Stylish Laptop, Evesham’s Voyager C550

Recently Evesham launched Voyager C550, which is company’s first laptop having Intel Dual Core Intel Centrino Duo Mobile Technology. Hardcore gamers will love this device as it allows you to run all the graphic intensive games on your laptop along with.

Ambient’s Forecasting Umbrella

Now your Umbrella will tell you whether it will rain today or not. I am serious! During this year’s Consumer Electronic Show Ambient came up with some really fascinating gadgets like this Forecasting Umbrella. This umbrella has a blue light which…

YP- T8N, Samsung’s New Audio Player

YP- T8N is a Flash based audio player Samsung has come up with recently. It is an updated version of Samsung’s YP-T8. Its features are quite similar to YP-Z5, another flash based media player by Samsung. Both has 1.8″ TFT LCD monitor, JPEG photos,…

Oregon’s Projection Clock

In winters who feels like coming out of their cozy beds? But that annoying alarm Clock is the only option I have. Oregon Scientific Polermo Projection Clock may end some of my problems as it projects the time on the close by surface either it be your…

Henk’s $20,000 Suitcase

Awesome! This is what I could say after reading about Henk’s suitcase which costs $ 20,000. It’s the most beautiful luggage I have ever seen and the most expensive one I have ever read about.
This suitcase looks stunning and its mechanisms are extremely.

IDiddy’s new “Santa Fe Black Diamond iPod Cover”

Recently IDiddy introduced ‘Santa Fe Black Diamond’ into the market, which is a leather fashion accessory case for iPod video and iPod nano. IDiddy claims that these leather iPod covers are made up of flexible and soft Calfskin Leather. IDiddy Opticover..

Hedi Klum’s Candy

Yeah you got it right. It is a bit surprising to know but its true that supermodel Heidi Klum is having her own candy. It claims to be soft, chewy and fruity like millions of other candies in the market but what gives it an edge above others is that its..

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