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Click yourself in a perfect pose with the latest Camera Extender

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I’ve traveled the world (certainly not the whole of it though), seen many sights, monuments and wonders of the world! Not to forget the interesting people I have come across. And I never fail to capture all of this in my digi cam. But the problem arises when I want to click something with myself in the picture too! Either I juggle with my camera and try to get not-so-good shot or I have to request some other tourist or passerby to oblige. However on my next jaunt, I won’t be facing any of these problems as I am going to grab this latest Camera Extender. Taking self-portraits and videos on the move or while traveling couldn’t have got more simpler. Made of stainless steel, this light weighted rod is capable of holding your gadget at a distance. Up to 37” to be precise. Guess that’s enough to get a best shot without my arm protruding in front of the lens.

It is compatible with almost all compact cameras and can also rotate up to 180º to capture scenery or a group shot. When done with your photography skills, you can collapse it to 9″ and stuff it in your camera bag or purse. Don’t need to worry about its weight too as it is less than 4 oz. The non-slip rubber grip and included lanyard help prevent slips and drops. Brookstone is extending it out for all of us at just $30.

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