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Certainly pays to have an obese wife!

fatty wife HFVeu 5784
Does it matter what your wife weighs? It does! Okay, let’s say that many a times this guy’s wife’s weight may have be an embarrassment for him and at times a complete a turn-off, but at the instance, when this image has been captured, he couldn’t have thanked God enough to have as obese wife. And she couldn’t have been more pompous of her fatness! Since it is estimated that very few overweight women are happy the way they are, we need to look beyond the figures in kilos and inches. And this image of a couple riding on a tractor kinda vehicle displays the perfect reason to be happy and accept your fatty spouse. It is her weight only that has helped them to keep the vehicle in motion in spite of not having a fourth wheel. But is it that that wheel gave away under the pressure of her weight only? What ever it is, it certainly proves that there is always something good in every creation of God…..or to be more precise in an overweight wife.

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