Car booster seat for your pampered pets!

oh booster seat 5FV75 183
If you think its time your best buddy got some pampering done, this is perfect for him. I’m talking about your little pet! Considering how unsafe and messy traveling can get for them, the car booster seat offers the perfect solution. And it looks pretty cool too. The seat can hold a pet that is up to 20 pounds in weight. The booster seat has adjustable straps that can be attached to the headrest of the seat, so that you may adjust the height as per your cat/dog. There is also a safety harness that attaches to your pet’s collar, so you can drive without having to constantly check on them. The comfortable pad not only makes sitting a pleasure for your pet but also protects you seat from the hair. There are storage packets that let you store their favorite snack and the entire seat folds away really easily. It sure can be a boon for your cute little cats and dogs. What more can you be asking for?

Via: coolpetstuff

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