Bitch Cruiser Bike – To make your fantasies come true!

bitch cruiser bike1

Do you have the guts to go public with your most intimate fantasies? If yes, then don’t let this golden opportunity slip away. Its time to flaunt your wild side and go humping your girl right in front of thousands of bewildered spectators. Mind you, I’m not joking, the Bitch Cruiser Bike is eagerly waiting at eBay to be picked up by a sexy dude. Actually, its a beach cruiser bicycle which has gone through a sexy transformation to attain the bitch status. A naked sex doll is attached to the bike frame in a very compromising position. Further, the guy who has put up this bike on auction seems to be a thinking man because the deal includes the clothing accessories so that the rider has the option to cover his baby if the thought of total nudity petrifies him. So, are you game?

bitch cruiser bike2

Click here to go to the auction site and enjoy some more pictures of the bitch in all its naked glory.

Via: About:Blank

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