Benefits of Feeding your Dog Raw Food

Feeding your Dog Raw Food

There is a lot of discussion as to what is the right type of food to feed your dog – and a lot of people are now choosing to put their dog on a diet that is a raw food diet to improve their health and quality of life. We’ve listed some benefits of this below.

They Could Have a Shinier Coat

Feeding your Dog Raw FoodThe first physical change you will see in your dog when you feed them raw food is that they will have much healthier coats.  A large amount of the protein a dog consumes goes straight to their coat, which means when he is on a low meat or dry food diet – there won’t be as much protein for a healthy coat.  As raw dog food is full of fresh meat and fat – this can leave the dog with a luxurious coat.

It Can Improve Muscle Tone

A big benefit of raw dog food is that it tends to be mostly void of carbohydrates, which is a critical part of getting their muscle and weight tone as it should be.  The protein in raw food will help with their muscles, skin, organs, hair and joints – there’s no better option for this.

Good for their Teeth


When you cut out the dry food and give them raw food – it can have a significant effect on their dental hygiene.  It can also reduce bad breath, which let’s face it, is beneficial for both you and the dog.  When a dog is fed dry food – they don’t have the ability to break down the sugars in their mouth, which means that this could encourage bacterial growth.  When a dog has nice, fresh meat – it can help clean their teeth.

They Can Be Better Behaved

Dog behaviourists often recommend a raw dog food diet – and notes that dry pet food can cause poor behaviour.  These types of foods tend to have a lot of chemicals in them, and low vitamin B content.  These are vitamins that are essential for dogs to soothe their minds.  Dry dog food is also high in carbohydrates, which will give them higher blood sugar and insulin levels which can also be linked to their behaviour.

There is Less Waste Produced

Feeding your Dog Raw FoodThere is a huge amount of salt in dry food, if there wasn’t, it wouldn’t be as tasty for dogs.  Because of this, it means that they will drink much more water than dogs who eat raw food.  As a result – your dog would need to go to the toilet a lot more which could cause toilet issues and kidney disease.   Fresh food is also much easier to digest than dry food, giving them improved digestion and less feces.

There are lots of different food choices out there for your pet – but the reality is that raw dog food has so many benefits, that you could end up with a much healthier, happier dog.

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