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Things to consider before you acquire or rent a property in UK

by DrPrem Jagyasi

Renting or buying a new property in UK is not always an easy peasy job. If you know your way around the country, it is not a big problem. However, if you are new, then finding a good place can be a challenge. To help you on this front, you have different kinds of rental property real estate agents who provide a variety of services. But if you get one for you, consider these tips before moving into the house or making any deals with the landlord. These ideas from letting advice specialist will allow you not to burn a hole in your pocket in the process.

The location

Location of the property is crucial; choose the property near to your workplace or institution. Check if it’s near to tube lines and bus stops so that you won’t have to spend much on commutation. Know the nearest schools, pubs and restaurants.  Also enquire others about the area about the crime rates and problems regarding it.

Be a detective

Bring out the Sherlock Homes in you while checking out the new property. Check everything in the house for clues of any damage or faults. Land owners can be tricky in covering up faults, so you need to be careful and spend some time in the property. Even real estate experts say that you need to check for signs of moss, the water pressure of showers and taps, check the windows and doors, check if the locks are working properly, look for the fire exits and alleyways.

The direction the house is facing

The climate in Britain is cold and rainy, the direction of your house might not be a factor in winter but during summer it can play a major role in making your home bright or making it irritatingly dark. So know the directions and choose a better house if you feel that the houses direction is not right.

Lights off

The real estate agents will show the house in a fully lit condition, but you won’t be living with all your bulbs lit. So dimmer the lights and see how it looks like.

Size of the rooms

Some sellers might put small furniture inside to make the rooms look big. So you need to size up the rooms, or else you’ll end up buying new furniture for the house before moving in. Rental property real estate agents can also help you to get some really good second hand furniture at a good bargain.

Examine the building

Check if the house is structurally solid; find out if there are any cracks or damages on the walls. Hairline cracks are common but you need to watch out for big cracks, loosened tiles on the roof or broken guttering. If you find any ask the landlord to fix them before you move in.

The Storage space

Storage space is essential for a home, check if the property has sufficient storage space so that you can keep the essential like your tool boxes, vacuum cleaner, etc. Also check if the house has built-in cupboards and shelves which can reduce the expenses of a new home. Experts in buying, selling and renting of property have access to different warehouses and other such companies that can help you in this front.

Electricals and heating

Check for the wiring and check the light switches to know whether they’re working or not. Check the fuse board and check its condition. The heating inside the house should be proper, check for the number of radiators and the condition of the boiler if it is provided in the house. Real estate experts can even provide you with the necessary numbers of electricians, plumbers and other such emergency services.

Talk to the neighbors

The neighbors of the property can pass some valuable information about the property. Ask them if there was any a murder or disputes reported in this property and location. It will help you out in the future too.

Read the contract

Don’t forget to read the document, read it more than once. The contract should have all the essential details about the property and the about the agreement details with your landlord. Seek legal advice before signing a contract. If you have any questions, you can also speak to the various experts in buying, selling and renting of property to get a better understanding.

These are the some of the essential things to check for before moving to a new house according to Compass property group, who is one of the leading independent Estate agents in the UK. So make a checklist with these points when you’re going to visit a property next time.

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