Beating the Cold: Focusing on Your Health This Winter

Focusing on Your Health This Winter

Although a mild winter may be in the forecast, that fact doesn’t mean warm weather will always be around. Cold toes and fingers are always possible when the sun goes down and nightly winds prevail. Whether you’re enjoying a football game or hunting in the woods, beating the cold should be your main focus. Be proactive about your health so that the chills don’t leave you with an annoying illness.

Cover Your Head

JacketThe simplest habit to get into this winter is donning a hat. Wear a baseball cap, beanie or other style. The hat’s purpose is to keep your head warm. Whether you have short or long hair, the scalp is where you lose the most heat from your body. During the winter, the head’s warmth radiates from your body. You become extremely cold as the heat escapes from your head. By adding a hat to your wardrobe, you capture that heat so that it remains within your body.

Try Heated Clothing

If you plan on being outdoors for an extended period this winter, consider heated clothing. Heated long underwear for hunting is an example of clothing that’s perfectly suited for the cold outdoors. Wear layers above the long underwear so that you can remove jackets and shirts as necessary. Heated clothing gives you that extra warmth that your body heat cannot offer. Some cold weather is too extreme for the human body unless there’s technological help.

Increase Your Calorie Intake


You may be watching your diet, but give yourself some room to indulge when it’s cold. Your body naturally shivers and burns more calories in the winter compared to warmer months. In response, the body needs more calories to maintain your current weight. Go ahead and eat a little bit more fat in your diet to stay warm and energized. Those calories will burn away as you shovel snow or simply walk to the market in freezing temperatures.

Know When It’s Too Cold

Keep an eye on the wind chill in your area. The air’s temperature may be tolerable, but the windy conditions create a lower value. You might walk outside to frigid temperatures, which can be harmful if you aren’t prepared. Wear a hat, gloves and waterproof clothing if you must venture out in extreme temperatures. Frostbite is a real threat in these conditions. Ideally, wait until it’s warmer to do anything outside. Avoiding extreme cold is also a smart choice.

Avoid Yearly Sicknesses

cold and coughMoving from the cold outdoors to the warm indoors creates imbalances in the body. To compound the problem, warm spaces harbor many germs. Use hand sanitizer as much as you can along with wipes on surfaces, such as clearing off a table to eat on. Cover your face when you cough or sneeze too. Remember that cooler temperatures inside will reduce the spread of germs so turn the heater down to a lower number. You’ll save on energy costs as a beneficial, side effect.

If you’re planning on hunting this year, remember to add safety gear to your packing list. Bright vests make you visible to other hunters while adding another layer to keep you warm. Layering your clothes during the winter gives you some versatility when it comes to warming up or cooling down. Beating the cold takes some preparation on your part.

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