Audio Tooth — The first commodity based in-body product

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While implant technology is by now old as a replacement surgical treatment (artificial joints, pacemakers, etc), we have Audio Tooth Implant (ATI) as the first commodity based in-body product. So, mibec (micro-in-body-electronics-corporation) was invented as a platform to launch an untried design — a mini telephone rooted to a tooth, a sweeping new notion in personal communication. It offers a type of electronic telepathy. A low frequency receiver (150 kHz), a piezo electric micro vibration tool, and an electro magnetic micro generator are implanted through a routine surgery.

A tailored mobile telephone is used to receive the long-range signal and to completely customize the set up. Afterwards, the device transmits a low frequency signal which boosts the immobile receiver (in the tooth) through magnetic near field upshots. Then a transducer translates this signal into low amplitude vibrations. Finally, the inner ear receives sound through bone transduction. The device can be used with mobile telephones via the internet or in conjunction with MP3 players. Hence, sound reception goes discreet through ATI.

Via: Bookofjoe

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