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Aria’s Sinsonido guitars for the itinerant gig

aria portable guitar wX9bA 3858

No doubt guitar enthusiasts would jump at a chance of taking their gig on to roads. But face it, no amount of enthusiasm would give you the energy to drag a seven pound instrument day in and day out. So here’s the convenient solution. Aria’s Sinsonido Travel Guitar is truly portable and can fit inside a small bag. Making do away with any weight, the Travel Guitar actually has little by way of body of a guitar, except perhaps its fretboard. It is simply a neck that ends in a rubber-coated aluminum frame (making it as light as four pounds). As such it must be plugged into an output device for sound. The guitar comes with 9 volt battery, preamp and two built-in stereo condenser microphones. Plug in headphones or small speakers and you are set to strum your way to rock-star glory. The product has three versions on offer: steel string, nylon string, and nylon string with a cutaway design. Pieces start at $400 a pop. Jump for a video.


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