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A weird fishing rod bundled into a pen design

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Pen torches are a standard fixture in any outdoors person’s arsenal but how about a pen fishing rod? Sounds very fishy, indeed. This fishing rod actually can be compactly retracted into a pen that measures just three fourths of a foot. And once you pull the aluminium rod out to its full length, it stretches to all of four feet which makes it excellent for some fishing at the pond across the street. The Fishing rod comes with a left or a right handed attachable spool which can hold a fishing line capable of withstanding 5 pounds of fishy force. So obviously, don’t try to hook some real, heavy catfishes with this one. What is more, a triple hook spinner comes with the fishing rod making it a pretty comprehensive piece of fishing equipment. The pen fishing rod costs a inexpensive $44.98 right here.

Via: Geeky-Gadgets

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