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Flummoxing London’s Tower Bridge made with matchsticks!

Murphy’s law, ‘Nothing is as easy as it looks,’ could you have ever imagined the famous architectural splendor London’s Tower Bridge can be made with matchsticks? Well, it may sound too repetitive but everything has beauty but not everyone sees it. And, Michael Williams saw the beauty and creativity in simple matchstick that is born to be burnt.

When every normal man, after returning from work would sip a beer and would simply not move from his couch and watch TV till his eyes pop out or spend his weekends in some discotheque or go fishing, Michael Williams gave up every pleasure to accomplish what he desired. This man has created a structure with matchsticks that replicates the London’s Tower Bridge.

The structure, which took 10 precious years from Williams’ life is 6ft-long and uses almost 1.6 million matchsticks! With 156 working lights the complete bridge is illuminated. The towers are lighted with long-life household bulbs capable of glowing up to 100,000 hours.

After showing off his free hours toil, now Williams wants to sell it so that he can fund his next project. What’s next, Eiffel Tower or the Statue of Liberty? Wish him luck!
Source: Spluch blogspot

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